aloud (2014)

I kept a detailed journal in 2014. When I had the time, I would re-visit conversations I'd jotted down and copy phrases that particularly resonated with me onto paper tabs, hole-punch them, and string them onto a piece of yarn. At the end of the year I had a sort of wreath of quotations. The project was an exercise in memory for me; if photography captures a snapshot of a visual idea, these words capture snapshots of spoken ideas that have long since decayed from hearing.

keepers (2014)

This project was another exercise in memory. I was inspired by my tendency to associate places with people: to look at certain chairs, I will always recall those who sat in them. Memory creates ghosts. I went back to buildings I'd photographed with figures in them a few months ago and took film photos based on my recollection of the original digital images. Then I consulted the actual originals, and copied the subjects back into their portraits, where they had been haunting them in my mind's eye.