My photographs of student music, theater, and culture have appeared on Kenyon College's website and in a variety of campus publications, among them the Alumni Bulletin, the Reveille, the Collegian Magazine, the Thrill, and the Kenyon Collegian.

Most recently, I've provided images in the San Francisco Bay Area for Kala Art Institute, San Francisco Trans MarchThe Red Poppy Arthouse, and SOMArts Cultural Center

Pictured above are images including singer-songwriter Lily Bloom, the a cappella groups The Ransom Notes and Colla Voce, Brave Potato productions of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are DeadHeathers: The Musical, and Title of Show, Kenyon College Dramatics Club productions Constellations and Almost Blue, attendees at Ohiolina Music Festival, band The Village Road Trio, and artists participating in SOMArts exhibition The Black Woman is God