These images were made by altering their digital files in TextEdit, intentionally forcing them to glitch. Each has a poem, written by me, inserted into its code. 

1. Fall Arrived Today

fall arrived today. all it made me want is to be in love again.

life goes on.

on, limping. realize you are the protagonist:

you have taken off your shoes to walk through the grass, shining with the dew.

the whole next day i could still taste you, in the Pennsylvania apple,

in the leaf falling all the way down to me,

one of many, in the calm and in the quiet.

what've these months been, anyway? leaves on trees,

Jenga, illness, a boy putting his drum away.

everywhere the picture of the man who died today.

we keep cutting women, those people already wounded,

relieved to be bleeding. if all else fails, kiss

and make of your skin a cactus, i guess.

2. The Way You Sang

i've mostly forgotten what your walls really looked like

and scroll past your name without much thought.

but if you open your mouth, somewhere far away from me,

and a song you sing falls, uninvited, out of a digital envelope,

i have to admit that i was never in love with your voice,

but I was terribly in love with the way you sang.

3. September: hard heeled

September: hard heeled

and proud now of my bruises.

raising my brittle little voice to something

above me: leaves, the expansion of the universe,

or your shoulders

sloping in a dream.