Resume of My Failures, 2016. Paper towels, ink, clothespins, and yarn.

"The resume, I think, is a kind of self-portrait you are obligated to show to other people. So I decided to make a portrait of my failures, hanging out my dirty laundry, so to speak. To offer and then partially destroy it, using water and ink, was a process of self-reflection. Subsequently, I created a Resume of My Dreams to map an ideal plan of my life until my peaceful death in 2100. Recognizing the impossibility of fulfilling a perfect life, it's also written on a paper towel, just one painted gold. Which is not to say that the future isn't worth dreaming about, but rather that you can paint it whatever color you want." 

Resume of My Dreams, 2016. Paper towels, acrylic paint, clothespins, and thread.


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