Tiny Hill Adventures was a poetic idea, a collaborative art experiment, and a participatory exhibition, made possible by the openness of fellow Kenyon College students and a grant from the Horn Gallery, that summed up the vast and tiny experience of my time as a college student.

Since freshman year I had been carrying a camera with me almost everywhere I went at school, and half of the show was made up of 100 prints of my favorite shots from that series. The other half showcased mixed media works, mostly varieties of text-based sculpture, that were inspired by email exchanges with other students over the course of my senior year. I used mostly every day objects and office supplies as my medium. 

From the fall of 2016 to the spring of 2017, I sent questions to a group of 30-some volunteers and used the data from their responses to fuel my art practice. Many of the works allowed the final audience to contribute further to the information I gathered, or respond in other ways, creating an exchange that I as artist made possible but did not alter.